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[PREORDER] KH Kemonomimi Charms!

[PREORDER] KH Kemonomimi Charms!

10 USD
THIS IS A PREORDER. It will take up to three months for the process of producing and shipping them. Please be patient! 

I promised some new designs, and here they are! Some cute little companions for you to bring around anywhere you want them to!
If you buy a set of 3 or more, you'll get the Xemnas charm for free! 
If you buy a set that includes Terra/Aqua/Ventus (or any combo of the 3), OR buy the pouch bundle, you'll get a free Xehanort charm! 
Sets will also include stickers! 
Any combo of 3 or more that has Aqua in it will get the Nort!Aqua version for free as well!

4*4 cm / around 1.5"
clear acrylic, single-sided
black braided cord phone strap
Canvas pouch: 20 cm*10cm
100% awesome